Announcement launching of the fourth session  Constitutional Law Academy  

Ten young scholars from seven Arab countries will be participating in this year’s Academy, where lectures and panel discussions will be delivered by six constitutional law experts; four of them are from Tunisia and two from the United States and Egypt. The experts will help researchers to develop their research ideas in order to produce solid scientific papers. In accordance with the objectives of the Academy, the papers will be published in order to support scientific publications in the Arab region and to contribute actively to the production of knowledge in this field. Papers will be written and published in Arabic. The Arab Association of Constitutional Law will translate and publish the papers in English, online and in the AACL’s annual Book.

The Arab Association of Constitutional Law (AACL) was established in 2013 by a group of legal experts, lawyers, judges and academics whom are focusing their work on constitutional law and constitutionalism. The AACL seeks to spread the constitutional culture in all Arab countries and to contribute effectively to the extensive constitutional developments that are taking place in the region since 2011.

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